ABOUT Christopher Webb

A creative, passionate and successful entrepreneur, Christopher Webb is a visual artist and, along with his partner Victoria Foulger, is co-owner and creator of PAVIA Gallery ~ Espresso Bar & Cafe - one of Atlantic Canada's largest, independent cafes. Christopher has exhibited works across Canada, the United States and was recently featured as part of 'Terroir' an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Over the years, he has delivered lectures and inspirational presentations to more than 500 groups and organizations across North America. He is a proven and effective marketing professional with a talent for communications and graphic design. He has a strong history of event planning and organizing fundraising initiatives for various organizations. He is a professional, dedicated, results oriented leader with nearly 20 years of experience working with public, private and not-for-profit organizations. But at the end of the day, Christopher Webb is and will always be a visual artist with a passion for spending time with his family, all things Italian and dreaming of future projects - which up until this exact moment had never included "badly trying to act for a wonderful cause!"